Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eight Months

A few days late but you are an 8 month old now! Recently I did a photoshoot with a newborn and the whole time I was thinking "where did my newborn go?!" You are a whopping 19 pounds 4 ounces (according to Mimis bathroom scale...we wont see the doctor for another couple weeks). I have no clue how long you are but you seriously look like a toddler when you're laying in bed or standing on something. Yep, you read that pull yourself up on furniture now and stand! Its only a matter of time before you are walking. If I have an 8 month old who can walk I have no clue what I will do with myself. Your personality is coming through more and more, you love playtime and you're even recognizing goofy faces and laughing at them (check instagram for proof). You have spent a weekend away from me last month (I was miserable.) and a night away from me this month (she basically begged to keep you!) I am seriously attached to you that sometimes I will pull you out of your crib and bring you into my bed. Sometimes I feel guilty about it but then I think "its only a matter of months before he wants nothing to do with this cuddling nonsense anymore so I might as well soak it in." Back to your ever developing personality, you have this toy guitar (I am not sure who gave it to you but you acquired it during that weekend away) and its your favorite. Just yesterday you were laying down with it propped on top of you and you were strumming it! I was doesnt have strings its just got three big buttons but there you were strumming the thing like you know what the heck you're doing. I told Daddy that we might have a musician on our hands, and we have no clue where you get that from because neither of us are musically inclined. You've always been a grunter when you poop but if you are crawling around the house being an adventurous little booger than you stop on all fours, put your face to the ground, and grunt until the job is done. Its too funny and I am determined to catch you on camera. Speaking of poop, this week you had your first case of diarrhea and literally soiled my bed. Guess where we slept? The couch. This brought back a funny memory of Mommy changing your diaper in bed when you were about a week old and you peed everywhere. Daddy and I slept on the couch until the laundry was done.



This month you also started drinking from a sippy cup! You were tossing your bottle to the side and hardly eating so I tested out a sippy and you were a natural, although you have yet to learn to tip the container and your head back so you still eat laying down. Your newest discovery? Waving! You can wave! I went away on Thursday for a few hours and you stayed with Mimi, I came back and you were waving. You have YET to do it for me (darn you Mimi and your magic powers!) but I am determined, I need to catch that one on camera too so Daddy can see. You are just incredible. I know I say that every month but you are and you are our favorite thing to talk about, we just know whatever you become that you will be great. We love you bubbs, and we love how you continue to amaze us.


  1. Sounds like he is SO close to walking!!
    And, those eyes! He's going to have all the ladies swooning. :)