Saturday, August 24, 2013

August Cara Box Reveal!

It has been a few months since I participated in Cara Box and it shows because I totally forgot to include my letter in the box I sent, I am so sorry Jessica. I also didn't really stick to the theme because since she paired us with people with similar lives (married w/children) I thought it was all goes! Whoopsies! Imagine my confusion when I open my box and she did a great job following the theme! The lovely woman who I was paired with is Desiree, check her blog out here. We exchanged emails quite a bit and even learned about one anothers bucket lists, which was my favorite part too Desiree!  I love my box and I think she did a great job following directions...unlike some people. (That would be me ya'll.) Here are the contents of my box:

See what I mean? Haha. She knew my love of coffee and that I own a Keurig so she included two different k cup flavors AND a reusable Starbucks mug, She got me a 'One Good Deed a Day' journal (and its so cute!) and also got Ethan 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', which I read to him and then he proceeded to eat, as pictured. She also got me some blank notecards that are actually really adorable even though she said she thought it was "cheesy". She got me a beach candle, which smells surprisingly good, a scarf which is really full so I love it (clearly Ethan did not), a whisk (thanks because I actually do NOT own one and its in my favorite color so its a total plus!), and a reusable Target bag. Thank you so much Desiree, you did a great job putting my box together and more importantly I loved your note and exchanging emails with you throughout the month.

To check out Jessicas box I sent her, check out her blog here


  1. Well, clearly the scarf wasn't much of a hit with Mr. E. HAHAHAHA!
    Happy "Seasons of Life!"

    1. Haha! Thats alright, maybe he wont try yanking it off me when I wear it!