Saturday, August 24, 2013

Six & Seven

These are WAY late and for that I blame vacation, school, and a crazy and adventurous YOU! You are constantly keeping me on my toes. During these two months you began crawling on your knees (not just that army crawl you were doing a bit before 5 months!), you developed an affinity for ice cream (you had a fudge sunday for your first half birthday!), you felt the ocean and sand for the first time, you played with bubbles (and boy are they hilarious!), you eat more solid foods (puffs, fruit, crackers, breads), and you got two teeth! I wish I would have wrote this at the time of so I would be more specific and I promise that Mommy, no matter what, will make time for these entries because I know I will (and hopefully you will too!) cherish them in the years to come. Here are your six month pictures, goofball!



And your seven month, ya big flirt.


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