Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Throwback Tuesday- Letters To Tommy, Second Edition

Before my husband I have never experienced love. It was a foreign and scary concept to me to completely give your heart over to someone and for someone to completely give their own without hesitation. Once the fear began to wear off I allowed myself to be enveloped in it and I began to write about him, about our relationship, and about the tiny heartwarming moments that filled the very beginning of our adventure together. Recently I recalled those writings and I began to miss them, I was thinking about how life has gotten the better of us and that what free time I do have is spent on here and so every Tuesday I am going to reopen a piece of those writings and share them here, with you all, I deem this "Throwback Tuesday." 

August 30th, 2010

I am in love with your accent, even though I make fun of it. I am in love with your facial expressions. I am in love with the way you make fun of me, even though I act like it annoys me. I am in love with the patience you have with me. I am in love with your eyes and how easy it is for me to read them. I am in love with your scruffy face when you listen to my pleas of not shaving. I am in love with how much you worry. I am in love with the way that the list can go on and on but mostly I am in love with you.

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