Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday Wish List

Yes, I am much too old for lists like this but with my birthday a month away this was so much fun to put together. Here is whats on my radar for my 24th birthday:

1. A subscription to Citrus Lane, a monthly subscription of goodies for your child delivered straight to your door. From organic food products to toys for baby. This is PERFECT and it serves as a triple gift. I get to open it, Ethan gets the goodies from it, and it comes for a few months so its almost like I keep reliving my birthday. :)

2. This pinched pleat comforter set from Target in blue. It is too perfect and I have ideas floating around in my head (some already in the works) for finally making our master bedroom mature and "put together". That and Tommy hates the comforter I currently have for our bed.

3. A breast reduction! Hahaha. I had to include something completely unrealistic and humorous. But for real, I want one.

4. A few essie nailpolishes I have my eye on. Colors: good as gold, wheres my chauffer?, and plumberry. Absolutely love.

5. A workout DVD created by the infamous Jillian Michaels. I have read quite a few reviews on it and have seen a lot of before and after photos. Plus it seems much more attainable than my already failed attempts at Shaun T's 'Insanity'.

6. The Walking Dead board game! This doesn't even need an explanation. 

7. I love these workout tanks from Ruffles with Love but they are way overpriced so I would love for a crafty friend to recreate these. Nothing like a witty phrase to make you run a bit faster. 

What are you currently loving or adding to your personal wish list? 

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