Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eighteen Weeks

Today Mama has been carrying you around for 126 days! I must admit you are my favorite accessory yet and I am certain that will be even more true when I get to put you in the cutest little outfits and show you off to the world. According to my handy dandy iPhone app you are about the size of a bell pepper, you flex your arms and legs like crazy, you have toenails, and your cartilage is turning to bone. I absolutely love learning about you, entirely because you're my biggest achievement and partly because your Mama is a complete nerd. (Something I hope you pick up...along with Daddy's athleticism!) I pray to the porcelain Gods about once a week on average and I think I broke the world record today for most bathroom breaks within an hour, i've been contemplating on whether or not to move my bed into the bathroom. My cravings have consisted of meat, cheese, fries, pickles, and strawberries. I have called you a boy since day one simply because I cannot wrap my head around the idea of referring to you as "it", Daddy thinks that by saying "he" that I am eliminating the possibility of "he" actually being a "she" and is constantly correcting me. I've had a number of people give me their predictions on your gender and boy seems to be the front runner, everyone can stop guessing because in exactly 7 days your secret will be revealed. You are without a doubt thought of every minute of every day and even at the size of a bell pepper you fill every inch of my heart with joy.

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