Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fourteen Weeks

I cannot believe that I am fourteen weeks along today. It feels like just yesterday I was walking down the stairs towards Tommy with that little stick from the doctor declaring your pretty little existence. You are now about the size of a lemon (that's a pretty big change considering 7 weeks ago you were the size of a sesame seed!), you're squinting, kicking, punching, peeing, and you even have little fingerprints. I absolutely love these updates I get every Thursday and I always ask your Daddy, "Wanna hear about baby?" I know that my next appointment will be the one where we learn whether you're going to be a darling little boy or a sweet little girl, either way we love you tons already, but the suspense is killing your Mommy and quite frankly I think I'm starting to annoy Daddy. You should know that the first few weeks of my pregnancy I was extremely tired and once I felt so sick I skipped week long plans of a nice dinner, of course this and a few other symptoms caused me to go to the doctor and that's when we learned of you. You must really love me because after that the sickness only increased, and although its been nearly a week since I ran for the bathroom at times I still feel that queasiness in my belly. I am in my second trimester now but I am thinking that this sickness is something that will stick with me until you make your way into this world. Although it slows me down most days I think I actually enjoy being sick, in between the far too spaced out gaps of seeing you on a black and white screen or hearing your rapid little heartbeat, me losing my lunch is a reminder that you are growing as you should and that in itself is enough to steady my heart.

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