Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Project Pinterest: Abstract Art

I wanted to start a new and fun segment on the blog. As much as I love writing about Ethan and Bubba I want to keep it fun and helpful too. So thus came 'Project Pinterest', where I will attempt (just keepin' it real) crafts, kids activities, beauty tips, and recipes. I will share photos, what worked, what didn't (and why), and what I would do differently, if anything, and the total cost of the project. I solemnly swear to even share my pinterest fails, because lets face it, its bound to happen. As you know we recently moved and so we are in the process of still making our house a home. I like to fill the walls and put our touch on things. And if any of you know anything about military housing then you know that they are all carbon copies of one another, give or take a room, so to do anything "unique" is a major plus and when I saw a list of things to keep a kid busy and this was on it I quickly adapted it to serve a dual purpose: 1. Entertain Ethan and 2. Home decor.

Materials Needed:
Paper Plate (we used a plastic lid)
Warm soapy bath (to rush your toddler into the second your finished!)

Total Cost:

I highly suggest doing this outside because if you are anything like my husband or son (highly uncoordinated) you will for sure have a mess on your hands. Open your paint and squirt a small puddle of each color on the paper plate, dip a marble into one color (or multiple…get creative!) and toss onto the canvas that your assistant (thank you to my darling husband!) should be holding flat. You can either fling the marble around with your finger or tip the canvas from side to side causing the marble to roll around. Keep doing this with all of the colors until you get your desired look. We let Ethan play with the marbles and put them on the canvas, he had more fun fetching them when the wind carried them away (the joys of living on the coast). This is a fun and quick project, a wee bit messy but most fun things in life are. :) Wipe your hands and run your toddler into that bath…STAT! 

The wall isn't finished, I want to add three separate signs in the blank spaces that say "Eat, drink, be merry", but it is definitely a far cry from what it was! 

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