Thursday, May 22, 2014

20 Weeks


My due date has changed numerous times…which I am accustomed to because the same thing was the case with Ethan.  But today marks 20 weeks! My cravings are all over the place but the one constant is slurpees. I crave them all the time but generally settle for the freeze pops in the freezer originally bought for Ethan. I am busting out of all of my clothes…literally ripped a pair of shorts yesterday. My skin doesn't "glow" this time around either, in fact I am constantly battling a breakout or three. This go round is also a lot harder on me but I give all that credit to a monster who goes by the name of Ethan. Wish I knew if I could start decorating the room for a girl or another little boy but we have 12 more days of waiting…and yes its killing me. I am in no rush for this to be over though. I love you and cannot wait to hold a tiny little person again but I have a 17 month old who keeps me busy, I know my biggest challenge will be finding equal time for you both. I haven't taken many photos or spoke much about this pregnancy, mostly because I am so incredibly overwhelmed with your brother, the new move, and 99 other endless chores but know you are deeply loved…I rub my belly every night and so does your brother, often times he kisses you.

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