Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things I Want To Remember

Ethan at 15 months

You love being outside and I find it hilarious that you think the only attire required for the outdoors is shoes. The number of times you run to me in just a diaper with your shoes in hand is ridiculous.

Speaking of shoes, you don't only want to wear have to try on whatever pair was left at the door. I suppose you got your affinity towards footwear from me.

Scrunch face. You have been doing this for awhile but when you see yourself on camera its your go to look.

Your vocabulary consists of Mimi, Mommy, Daddy, Papa, and "ottt" (hot). Hand gestures have always been easier for you and you love to give high fives, wave bye bye, point at things you want, clapping, and when we say "pee yew, stinky" you wave your hands by your face.

You are very particular about who gets your hugs and kisses, sometimes this can be a pain but it makes the times that you fling your arms around my neck that much more special. I hope you learn to be kind but I hope you're always picky about who gets your affection.

You crave independence. You always want to spoon feed yourself, usually I am okay with this but sometimes I just don't want to deal with the mess which results in a tantrum from you and boycotting food. I have also learned that when I am peeling your banana or getting you a cracker its best to let you grab it or pull it from the bag, you're more likely to eat all of it if you've obtained the item on your own.

Your teeth have been giving you a hard time, you have 10 total now, three are the molars that all just came in at one time. (That was fun for us)

You weigh 23 pounds, sometimes I compare you to your cousin who is a very big child and I need to remember that you are right at the weight you need to be.

Your favorite foods are bananas and pasta. I don't think you've started a day without a banana in like 6 months, and I am scared to see what the outcome of banana boycotting would be, so lets just keep feeding you bananas little monkey.

Your favorite toy is legos. You build things all day long and when you aren't building with them you are pouring them everywhere or destroying what someone else built. Aside from lego destruction and construction your other favorite thing to play with is Tripper the cat. He runs from you and doesn't appreciate your heavy hand but you are very persistent.

All of these things make up one very special boy. I can only predict that things will change rapidly and one day I will look back at these and cry. I am trying to enjoy the small things now, even the tantrums, because I know it wont last long and I also know you will soon have a little sibling to compete with for attention. I love you Punky, always.

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  1. It's amazing how quickly they learn independence isn't it?