Friday, April 11, 2014

Life Happens

Holy crap it has been quite a while. I remember feeling peace and contentment writing in this thing and want to make a commitment to get back into it...for real this time. Life has been crazy to say the least; here is why I've been missing.

1. Working out and eating healthy consumed my life almost as much as Ethan...I said ALMOST.

2. Tommy decided to surprise me with a homecoming.

3. I have a one year old.

4. I became incredibly devoted to my photography education and I started (ok, I am still in the process of starting) a business.

5. I am pregnant with baby number 2...and the expected arrival is actually October.

6. We celebrated three years of marriage.

7. We are moving to Texas to FINALLY be together as a family.

I am certain I am forgetting something but I am also certain that there are great things to come for my family and for this little blog. I hope you will all bear with us while we make this huge transition in our lives.

1 comment:

  1. Life happens my friend! Sometimes we have to put everything else in front of blogging and that is okay. Your readers will be here when you get back and you will have LOTS of great stuff to share.