Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still a newlywed

The one benefit to a long distance marriage...never losing that giddy feeling you had the day you said your vows. Now as I write that I think "I don't think I'll ever lose this" but deep down I know the inevitable. Pooping with the door open, arguing about dirty socks on the floor, going a whole day in pajamas and barely mustering the energy to care enough to brush your teeth, and although there is great comfort in those things I also want to hold onto this "newness" as long as I can. I want to still remember how he stumbled in part of his vows and everyone laughed, I want to remember how it felt signing our marriage license with my new name, I want to remember stumbling love drunk into our room, and I want to remember that first night of being entirely his. I write this because like a school girl I sit here counting down the days until I get to see you waiting anxiously at baggage claim, I count down to that smile that spreads from ear to ear, I count down to that warm embrace that it feels we've waited an eternity for, I count down to being complete again. And just like that the countdown is over and the refresh button is hit once again on our marriage and back to being newlyweds we go.

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