Friday, April 19, 2013

Freebie Friday



This week I celebrated turning twenty four so in 'Freebie Friday' I will be including my birthday gifts too! Lets start off by the amazing dinner I shared with friends and family and El Cozumel (Ethan loved all the colors in the restaurant!), I gifted myself a Flexty Famous tank, a duo beauty blender with the cleanser, and a few Sigma brushes. From my husband, friends, and family I received a few a.n.a v-necks (in blue, yellow, and white), graphite pencils for my [future] drawing class (that im DREADING!), nailpolishes in NYC plumberry and Essie good as gold, bakeware (you know you're getting old when you get kitchen supplies as gifts...not complaining though- love to cook!), a comfty zip up from Zumiez, and a gorgeous comforter set. Small freebies in the mail include Pedia-lax probiotics, Flexitol heel balm, Tide pods, Downy infusions, Crest 3D White toothpaste, and a Benefit mascara and highlighter set from Sephora (if you sign up to be a Beauty Insider you get a gift around your birthday with any purchase!). Thats it for this week...kind of an overload so I wont be surprised if theres nothing to share next week!

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