Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Four months

Oh my. You are four months old! I cannot believe it for one minute. You are 15 pounds 11 ounces, and you are 26 inches long. If you aren't asleep your hand is in your mouth or your holding your feet...or both at the same time. You are constantly rolling over, just last night I woke up to find you with one arm and one leg stuck in your crib. I think despite reviews on bumpers I am going to put them back in. So far you have tried pineapple, bananas, and chocolate. and it comes as no surprise that my sweet Fat-Fat loves them all. You are drinking 8 ounces every 3 hours and you scream after your bottle is empty even though we both know you've had plenty to eat. You are holding onto your toys AND your bottle and you often reach for my cell phone, its quite impressive. You suffer from severe separation anxiety and cannot be alone AT ALL or you have complete meltdowns, this is going to be a problem in a week when I start school my child so PLEASE get it together. You are drooling quite a bit and chewing on everything (your favorite thing to chew on is my fingers) and today your doctor said she thinks she sees the "shadow of a tooth", whatever that means. You giggle a little bit here and there (and the other night in your sleep...weirdo) but its not one of those full blown, deep in the gut, gets everyone's cameras out type of laughs...yet. Your hair is seriously thinning out and it makes me so sad. Wheres my baby that came out with a slimy head full of hair? You are getting tons of compliments everywhere we go, which is always good for my ego. You also are starting to come across as "Asian" in some photos but in person NOONE would ever say such a thing. You have big blue eyes and perfect fair skin, with sometimes rosy cheeks...basically you're perfect. Today you got your second round of shots and when the nurses poked you (they do it at the same time to save some grief...pfft) you jumped because it scared the daylights out of you, and by jumped I mean your legs shot straight out and your arms straight up. You still sleep through the night for the most part as long as you're near me but in your crib you're awake at midnight, like clockwork. You are in size 2 diapers and today you wore 6 month pants and they fit you like a glove. You are such a big and healthy boy and I am so proud to be your Mama. Speaking of, I am constantly "say Mama. Ma-Ma, okay, say Dada. Da-Da". I think I am being a bit unrealistic but its still fun to watch you stare at me like I'm nuts. Its hard to write these because it seems like you grow so much each month and I don't want to forget anything or miss a single moment. I love you with my whole heart Chunk, slow it down for us will ya?

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