Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Recap

Finally writing about Easter and I believe its because I finally am over my food coma. It should be illegal to have so much delicious food under one roof. When you have to rock, paper, scissors which side is going to take that last empty spot on your plate then there's a problem! You were absolutely adorable in your Easter plaid, until Mimi put you in a Michigan onesie! Daddy didn't like that too much but you are representing Mamas school, go Mommy! I skipped getting you a basket this year thinking you were too small but you got gifts from Grandma Laura, some clothes, a book, and the cutest stuffed chick that you could barely wrap your arms around. You were pretty ornery all day because you refused to nap, guess you didnt want to miss the party but all in all your first Easter was a pretty great one.

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