Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Currently Loving

1. Lulus Maxi Dress. Totally in love with this dress and can see myself wearing it to take Ethan to the park or to lunch with a friend.

2. Lala Lists Giveaway. Rachel is hosting a Smile Brilliant giveaway and even if you're not the lucky winner you can use her promo code for 20% off. Enter here and check out her review on the whitening kit.

3. Comfort & Harmony Swing. This swing was given to me by Ethans Mimi and its been a LIFESAVER. When I have chores to accomplish and cant bounce him around or sing to him and keep him entertained this does the trick.

4. My new tragus piercing. I am absolutely in love with it and wish I could've gotten it sooner!

5. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I bought this after seeing so many Youtubers raving about it and let me tell you, they rave for a reason! I use it every Sunday and it smells ridiculously amazing and leaves your hair shiny and feeling incredibly soft.

6. English Toffee. I am in love with Tim Hortons, I have always thought their coffee was better (and more reasonably priced!) than Starbucks but this English Toffee cappuccino is just a home freakin' run. In order to save money (trying to be frugal!) I googled k-cups for Tim Hortons, and sadly they don't offer it but they sell the ground cappuccino mix on Amazon and I am going to buy that and invest in one of the solofill cups for my Keurig. 

What things are you currently swooning over? 

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