Friday, April 26, 2013

My very first Cara Box!

This month I decided to join in a bit more on the blogger community and sign up for the monthly Cara Box exchange hosted by Kaitlyn and today I unboxed it! First off let me start by saying the beautiful lady who had me is Chelsea and not only was her Cara Box great but she packaged it amazingly well!

She wrote personal notes on every gift explaining why she chose that and how to her it fit with the "eco-friendly, green" theme. She wrote me a really great note which I am SAVING! (isnt her handwriting beautiful too? I feel bad for the lady I have...I hope she can read my writing!) She chose a Starbucks reusable coffee mug made from recycled materials, 2 packs of Community coffee which she explains on her note that its the BEST coffee in Louisiana so I can't wait to try it, fresh parsley to cook with (during our chats she learned that I love to cook!), a Dr. Seuss book for Ethan, and a pretty mossy green colored nail polish. (A color I actually dont have yet and I am excited to wear...should be perfect for Fall!) I am very grateful for my box and I believe she did a remarkable job! Head on over to her blog and give her a giant virtual high five. :)

Cara Box


  1. I love that she put little notes on each gift, so thoughtful.

  2. Very cute and fun cara box.

    Jennifer @

    1. Thank you. I thought she did a great job!