Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Throwback Tuesday - Letters to Tommy, Third Edition

Before my husband I have never experienced love. It was a foreign and scary concept to me to completely give your heart over to someone and for someone to completely give their own without hesitation. Once the fear began to wear off I allowed myself to be enveloped in it and I began to write about him, about our relationship, and about the tiny heartwarming moments that filled the very beginning of our adventure together. Recently I recalled those writings and I began to miss them, I was thinking about how life has gotten the better of us and that what free time I do have is spent on here and so every Tuesday I am going to reopen a piece of those writings and share them here, with you all, I deem this "Throwback Tuesday." 

It seems 21 year old me filled September with a bunch of little blurbs so I will share a few.

September 2nd, 2010

Today, August 31st at 9:30 AM, you said the words “You’re a big deal to me.” My heart is ready to explode.

September 2nd, 2010

You make me a lot of promises. So many promises in fact that I can’t even keep track. Please dont stop promising me things. I love it.

September 2nd, 2010

I remember when you first told me your heart was going to be in Japan. I can still feel the honesty behind those words.

September 2nd, 2010

In a weird way I both hate and love what our relationship has become. Long distance, 8,000 miles, 15 hours by plane, an international phone call, a letter received a week and a half late. I hate that I can’t reach out and touch your face. I hate that I can’t run my fingers through your hair. I hate that I’m starting to forget how sweet your kisses are. I hate that I cant feel your hand brush the hair away from my cheek. However I truly believe that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. That the next time either of us will be on a plane it will be for our reunion. That the next time we kiss it will be in front of a baggage claim and we’ll kiss so hard that it will feel as though heaven and Earth are colliding. That I’ll be smiling so big people will think I just won the lottery. That I’ll stare at you as if you were some creature never seen before. That you will have missed me so much you’ll pick me up and twirl me the way Daddy’s do their little princesses. That we’ll make love and it will be as though we never missed a beat, that our bodies are forever in sync no matter the distance put between us. That is what I’ll love.

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