Friday, March 22, 2013

Three months

Can you slow down...PLEASE?! You were last weighing in at 14 pounds, 6 ounces (yep, you're definitely Mamas fat-fat!) and 25 inches long. Its getting easier and easier to get a smile out of you and I can lay you down by yourself for a period of time and you'll be perfectly content alone. I often walk by you or pause from a chore to peek over at you (yes, I am a worry wart...I don't think that'll ever go away) and if you see me you'll follow me with your eyes. One of the most satisfying things is you knowing who I am and that you take great comfort in me. You still hate tummy time but you'll do it happily in the bath, you are such a little water baby and I am so thrilled about that, Daddy and I cannot wait to play in the ocean with you. You have serious rolls going on and I cannot get enough of them, you also have multiple chins that you often store food in, saving it for a late snack I suppose fat-fat. You drink more formula than breast milk, we're down to about one nursing session a day which sort of breaks my heart but I gotta do what I gotta do to make sure you're well fed. You are my chameleon baby, one second you will look exactly as I did as an infant and then in the blink of an eye you're back to looking like your Dad. You express emotion more than ever, and no I'm not talking about crying...any baby can do that! Every morning when we leave for work I flick your light on and say "Good morning handsome" and you do your big stretch, flash me a grin, and those legs and arms go flailing. I guess nothing beats waking up to this face at 4 AM. Lets talk about your mouth; you drool more than a bull dog in front of a T-bone steak, if your hands aren't flailing around then you're probably trying to eat them, and you absolutely love making spit bubbles. We think you're preparing for a tooth but regardless I've gone to kiss you quite a few times only to pull away and still be connected to you by a long string of slobber, very attractive, I'll have to make sure I don't do that in public. I've broken a "rule" of no food until 4-6 months but you're acting like a 6 month old anyways so I think its okay, you've tried REAL food...pineapple! You LOVE it, of course you're really only sucking the juice out of it but you hold my hands while I hold it to your mouth and if I pull away you pull me right back. Lets not forget how much you like to torture me. You still love to spit up on me, I could burp you and think you're fine and pick you up a half hour later and you'll completely soak my shirt. (You also like to save it for RIGHT after a bath but I think you do this so you can get back in the water...little sneak!) You sharted on my hand a few days ago (Mimi got a kick out of that one), and just tonight you peed on my arm. If anyone has cruel and unusual punishment in the bodily fluids department covered, its you my love. You saw Pop-Pop today for the first time since you were a newborn and my goodness you took to him like a fly to a pile of poo. You can't get enough of this attention (you ham!) and they can't get enough of you...even Lola is always in your face and you got your first dog kisses ever from her today, congratulations because affection from that animal is a rare thing. I love you boogie boo and I look forward to this next month of wonders.

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