Saturday, September 22, 2012

Counting Down To My Forever

13.7 weeks,  96 days, and 2, 304 hours until we are supposed to meet. For the most part this pregnancy thing is ludicrous. Sickness, bloating, swelling, aches, pains, bathroom trips, cravings, and soooo many rules; but in the end I get a perfect little miracle and I know the second I hear your cry every day of this pregnancy will be worth it and then some. I havent written in here a lot but I spend most of my days daydreaming about you. I wonder if you'll have Daddy's blue eyes or my green, if you'll be bald like I was or have more hair than I'll know what to do with, I wonder if you'll have Daddy's pointy (but oh so adorable!) nose or a big round one like me, your Mimi, and your Great Grandpa. I've even become so obsessed with you that I already picture you as a grown boy in the backyard throwing a baseball to your Dad, I imagine you spending time with me in the kitchen singing into spoons and twirling around the oven, I dream of your smile and pray for a big hearty laugh. You're still safe inside me and an occasional kick to the abdomen makes your presence loud and clear, and I am almost certain you'll do an even better job of that this Winter. Mommy loves you sweet boy, I'm ready for my forever.


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